The Gift of Living: Unpacking the Deep Meaning of ‘Living Is Already a Profit’ and Its Contribution to Well-being


As we age, the phrase “Living is already a profit” begins to resonate with a deeper significance. Rooted in Japanese culture, this proverb encourages a positive approach to life, appreciating the mere fact of existence despite life’s trials and challenges. This article explores the lessons this phrase imparts to modern society, especially the younger generation, and how it contributes to enhancing Well-being.

The Origins and Cultural Background of “Living Is Already a Profit”

This expression offers an opportunity to reassess the value of life itself and delves into how this optimistic outlook has been nurtured within Japanese history, philosophy, and religious contexts. Understanding the origins of this cheerful attitude can reveal why it’s a crucial element for maintaining mental balance and happiness, even in today’s stressful and competitive society.

The Significance in Modern Society and Well-being

In a world fraught with economic uncertainties and social competition, how does the concept of “Living is already a profit” promote peace of mind and Well-being? This section explores how this simple yet powerful message serves as a psychological anchor, helping individuals cope with daily stresses and pressures.

Expanding Possibilities Through Education and Its Impact on Well-being

The educational journey is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s also an exploration of life’s limitless possibilities. We’ll examine how learning at various stages—from high school to university and beyond—broadens one’s horizons and prepares individuals for future challenges. Emphasizing that choices like academic tracks or majors should be seen as opportunities to expand, rather than limit, potential, we’ll discuss how this mindset contributes to overall Well-being.

Learning from Challenges and Failures and Their Connection to Well-being

Life’s inevitable challenges and failures are invaluable for personal growth. Highlighting the importance of embracing new challenges and the value of learning from failures, we’ll argue against the notion that starting a career at 30 or later is “too late.” Through various experiences, individuals can maximize their potential, ultimately contributing to their Well-being.


The philosophy encapsulated by “Living is already a profit” invites us to discover the infinite possibilities within daily life and to fully enjoy our existence. Encouraging young people to grow at their own pace and to savor the journey of learning and development not only benefits their personal Well-being but also contributes to the broader societal happiness.

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