Season 1 (3) The end of the fog – the arrival of spring and the inflection point in the weather

On March 30th, Haruka was standing quietly in her school club room with the weather map from the previous day and the day before that in front of her. The spring sunlight shining through the window of her clubroom gently caressed her cheeks, giving her a pleasant warmth. It was already a sunny day without a cloud in the sky, and the day seemed to be heralding the arrival of spring.

“Yesterday’s high pressure system promised a calm day for our city,” Haruka recalled, sharing with her friends the movement of the high pressure system and its definite impact as shown on the weather map. .

On March 28, the high pressure system was moving eastward at a speed of 25 knots, and its powerful flow was bringing stable skies to the Tokyo region. But things changed on the 29th. A front approaching from the west broke the silence and moved across the Tokyo region, bringing with it humid air. The passage of this front symbolizes the changeable weather of spring, and Haruka derives many questions from its subtle movements.

“Yesterday, we were covered in a veil of fog. As the word ‘Fog’ written on the weather map indicates, the passage of a warm front brought damp air that quietly enveloped the city. ” Haruka pointed out. This fog was temporary, and its presence gave the cityscape a mystical beauty.

“After the front passes, we are once again welcoming the brightness of spring. Cold fronts sometimes leave behind cold air, but that coldness is quickly replaced by warm spring sunshine. “This is the changeable nature of the weather that comes with the arrival of spring,” Haruka explained enthusiastically to the club members.

Outside the window, water droplets are glistening on the cherry blossom trees, and the ground is still wet after the rain. Haruka said as she gazed at the scene, “Imagining how much precious moisture yesterday’s rain and fog gave today’s cherry blossom petals, each change in the weather changes the life around us.” “Each weather phenomenon offers us a different perspective and allows us to deepen our relationship with nature.”

On this day, Haruka realized that all living things are connected through the natural cycles that can be read from weather maps, and reaffirmed the importance of feeling this connection. Under the bright spring sunshine, she reexamined her inner self and the world around her from a new perspective, and took a step forward with a new mindset.

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