The courage I found under the cherry blossoms to live my life the way I am (1)

With the arrival of spring, you are sure to see Yoshino cherry trees in full bloom somewhere in Japan. The beauty of these cherry blossoms not only pleases the eye, but also conveys an important message to us. “You only live once, so let’s live to the fullest.”

Enjoy every moment of life

The cherry blossoms are quickly falling. Its ephemerality reminds us of how fleeting bright moments in life are. That’s why the cherry blossoms seem to be teaching us that it’s better to do things that are fun. Find the pleasure your heart desires and enjoy it to the fullest. This may be the secret to feeling the wonders of life, like the moment of happiness under the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Freedom from bondage

There is something free and innocent about the way cherry blossoms dance in the wind. It seems to be a symbol of a way of life that is not bound by constraints. Cherry blossoms may give us the courage to listen to what our hearts truly desire without worrying too much about society’s expectations or what others think.

Be honest with yourself

The sight of falling cherry blossoms reminds us of an independent way of life where no one cares or depends on anyone. Make decisions and act based on your own values, without being influenced by the evaluations or expectations of others. To walk your own path as beautifully and powerfully as a cherry blossom. That may be the path to true freedom.

The spirit of self-reliance

Even the cherry blossoms in full bloom have survived the harsh cold of winter to reach that point. The words “Jiriki Hongan” remind us of the vitality and strength of cherry blossoms. The joy of overcoming difficulties and achieving your goals with your own strength is as gorgeous as the blossoming of cherry blossoms, and will bring a deep sense of satisfaction to your heart.

A moment spent under the cherry blossoms teaches us the essence of life. Find your own way of life, be honest with yourself, and cherish every moment. That may be the most beautiful message that cherry blossoms want to convey to us.

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