Season 1 (4): First school visit and unexpected reunion

Tetsuya wore a new uniform and was excited about the beginning of a new chapter. His heart was filled with mixed emotions of anticipation and anxiety, but he had the courage to take that step and stepped into the Class 2B classroom. When Tetsuya opened the classroom door, his new classmates were waiting for him, and their warm gazes and smiles greeted Tetsuya. Even though he was nervous in a new place, Tetsuya couldn’t help but feel hopeful that he could form a new bond with them.

During lunch break, Tetsuya hasn’t made any friends yet, so he buys some bread by himself and heads to the rooftop. There, he suddenly closed his eyes, feeling the warm spring sunlight and the pleasant sea breeze. As he was enjoying such a peaceful moment, an unexpected voice brought him back to reality: “Are you sleeping in a place like this?” When he opened his eyes, Sayaka, whom he met at the shrine yesterday, was standing there.

Oh, are we from the same school?'' To Tetsuya's surprise, Sayaka replied with a gentle smile,Yes, Class 2 B. Nice to meet you.” Tetsuya notices that she wasn’t in class in the morning and asks her why, and Sayaka simply says, “I was lazing around in the morning.”

Although Tetsuya is confused by her unexpected reunion with Sayaka and her free-spirited personality, he senses a new possibility in his connection with her. With the chime, the two hurried to the classroom. The afternoon classes were a series of challenges filled with new subjects and knowledge. Even as Tetsuya tried to concentrate on what his teacher was saying, in the back of his mind he thought about his strange connection with Sayaka.

On this day, Tetsuya’s school life took a new turn. Apart from his academic challenges, he has a premonition of an unknown friendship that his reunion with Sayaka will bring. Every page was filled with anticipation and excitement as I wondered what kind of color Tetsuya’s two-year life, which had just begun, would take on.

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