Season 1 (8) Global thinking and harmony with nature

Their inquisitive spirit never runs out, and they take on new themes the next day. This time, they will focus on the role of the ocean and how its ecosystem affects Earth’s climate. Asahi begins to explain how the oceans function as Earth’s “heat storage.” “The ocean has the ability to absorb heat from the sun and retain it for long periods of time. This property is one of the major factors that stabilizes the Earth’s climate.”

Hazuki points out that marine organisms, especially plankton, are responsible for absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen. “Plankton are the foundation of marine ecosystems, and through photosynthesis they provide some of the oxygen essential to life on Earth.”

Haruka integrates this information and ponders the absolute importance of the ocean in Earth’s life support system. “The ocean is more than just a big puddle, it plays an important role in supporting life and regulating the Earth’s climate. How our lives affect the ocean, and vice versa. It is becoming increasingly important to understand how the ocean relates to our lives.”

As part of their exploration, Haruka and her friends hear from local fishermen about the relationship between marine ecosystems and fishing. We will hear from fishermen about their experiences witnessing the changes in the ocean over the past few decades and the importance of sustainable fishing. This conversation provides them with an opportunity to concretely understand the impact of human activities on the natural environment.

As the sun sets, Haruka and her friends look back on the day while watching the sunset on the beach. “I learned that everything in the natural world is connected, and that each of us’ actions have a big impact.We need to learn more and change our behavior in order to coexist with the earth,” says Haruka. I’ll tell my friends.

This day’s experience reminded Haruka of the importance of thinking on a global scale and acting in harmony with nature. They felt that the more they interacted with the natural world, the more they felt that they were part of the Earth. That night, under the starry sky, they prepare for a new day, reaffirming their responsibility as members of the planet Earth.

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