Season 1 (8) Challenge to measure physical quantities

As spring deepens and the cherry blossoms begin to fall, Sakura revisits the Advanced Electronics and Electrical Measurement class. This class was scheduled to focus on the measurement of even more diverse physical quantities, and new topics such asmagnetism, ultrasound, gas, and image measurement and image processing” were to be taken up. These topics represented a new challenge for Sakura, who had learned about measuring basic physical quantities in previous classes.

Magnetic measurement

The class started with magnetic measurements. The professor explained the concept of magnetic fields and detailed how their measurements are used in geosciences, industrial applications, medical fields, and more. Sakura was intrigued by the possibilities of measuring magnetism through familiar examples such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and geomagnetic studies.

Ultrasonic measurement

Next she learned about ultrasound measurements. She was introduced to the basic principles of ultrasound and its applications in distance measurement, material inspection, and medical diagnosis. In particular, Sakura’s eyes lit up when he explained how ultrasound echography visualizes internal structures.

Gas measurement

The section on gas measurement highlighted the importance of both environmental protection and production safety, such as monitoring air quality and analyzing gas composition in industrial processes. Sakura learned about various gas analysis techniques, such as gas chromatography and mass spectrometry, and was impressed by their accuracy and range of applications.

Image measurement and image processing

The class concluded with a discussion of image measurement and image processing. The professor explained how digital images are obtained and analyzed, and how image processing techniques have wide applications in medical imaging, remote sensing, and even the entertainment industry. Sakura was fascinated by the process of extracting hidden information and gaining new knowledge through image processing.

Hands-on experience

In the second half of the class, practical training was held to actually experience these measurement techniques. Sakura was particularly interested in training in image processing, and had the opportunity to try out basic image processing techniques such as image noise removal and edge detection. Through this practical training, I was able to realize the depth of measurement and processing techniques that cannot be understood through theory alone, and how they contribute to solving real-world problems.

Learning in this class opened a new perspective for Sakura and made her realize the infinite possibilities of measuring physical quantities. I understood how advances in measurement technology support the development of science and technology and enrich our lives, which further increased my motivation to explore the future. Sakura’s learning journey continues, but the knowledge and experience she gained in this class was a solid step that led her to new discoveries.

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