Season 1 (7) Beyond the clouds: Unraveling natural cycles and their lessons in Izu

When morning comes, Haruka and her friends step back into the nature of Izu. Today’s purpose is to use the knowledge learned the day before to uncover even more secrets of the natural world. In particular, they were determined to focus on cloud and precipitation processes and observe the scientific principles behind them in action.

Hazuki explores more about how plants affect the atmosphere. “It is well known that photosynthesis by plants changes the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, which in turn affects the Earth’s climate. However, the water vapor emitted by plants also affects atmospheric humidity and cloud clouds. ,” she explains. As they walk through the forest, they see water vapor from plants rising toward the sky and get a real sense of the Earth’s water cycle process.

Asahi explains the mechanism of precipitation in detail. “When a cloud forms, the water vapor inside it cools and turns into water droplets, which eventually become heavier and fall as rain.The role of fine particles in the cloud is very important in this process. Without it, there will be no rain.” They climb to high altitudes and observe how clouds are influenced by mountains and produce precipitation. A great example of natural cycles is how mountains capture clouds and the water vapor within them condenses to produce rain.

Haruka ponders how these processes are integrated into global climate patterns. “These processes repeat themselves all over the world. They come together to form the different climates and weather conditions we experience. As part of the natural world, we also We live in this big cycle.”

At the end of the day, Haruka and her friends stand on the beach with the setting sun behind them. They quietly watch as water vapor rises from the ocean in front of them, creating new clouds in the sky. The knowledge and experience they gained during this day was deeply engraved in their hearts, reaffirming the meaning of living in harmony with nature.

“There is an infinite amount of things we can learn from nature, and our exploration has only just begun,” says Haruka. With hopes for tomorrow in their hearts, they once again venture into nature in search of new discoveries.

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