Season 1 (7) Ability test and shelter from the rain

A new morning has begun for Tetsuya. Although he was still not used to the atmosphere of this town and was a little nervous, he climbed the slope towards the school. As he gradually became accustomed to the scenery along the way, he suddenly began to feel a slight sense of hope for his new life in this seaside town.

However, upon arriving at school, Tetsuya is faced with an unexpected challenge. Today was the day of the skill test. The exams are continuous without a break from the 1st period to the 7th period for all subjects. He had not yet caught up with the school’s curriculum and had difficulty understanding the meaning of exam questions. During the exam, he felt helpless and was nothing more than a rolling pencil.

Looking around, Tetsuya saw Sayaka’s back. Her seat is by the window, and she often looks out at the scenery outside, but at this moment it seemed like she was intently working on her pencil. Why is Sayaka, who usually tends to skip class, so focused on the exam? That question threw a new riddle into Tetsuya’s mind.

Eventually, his long and tiring day came to an end. Tetsuya was exhausted both physically and mentally. He just wanted to leave this place as soon as possible, so he walked out of the school gate. However, at that moment, rain suddenly began to fall from the sky. Tetsuya didn’t have rain gear, so he decided to run to the cafe where he had taken shelter from the rain, even though he was at a loss.

The doorbell rang and Tetsuya stepped into the cafe. His usual master welcomed him with a warm smile. Was the rain okay?'' Tetsuya answered with a relieved look on his face at Master's words,It’s raining.” The master handed him a towel and hot coffee, which Tetsuya gratefully accepted.

The rain outside is getting heavier and stronger, and Tetsuya ends up spending his time inside the cafe. Through a conversation with the master, he learned that this cafe and the adjacent beach house were run by the same company, and that it was quiet compared to the bustle of summer. From the master’s story, it seemed that he was spending the year on the money he earned during the summer. Although Tetsuya felt envious of this quiet passage of time, he was drawn to the Master’s life experience and peaceful lifestyle. It felt like there was a richness and satisfaction in the Master’s way of life that Tetsuya himself didn’t yet know.

Tetsuya uses this opportunity to ask Master about Sayaka’s part-time job. I was curious as to why she wanted to work at this quiet cafe. The master explained that Sayaka has always been considerate of others and is a rare person who can take action. When Tetsuya heard that Sayaka couldn’t refuse her master’s request, he was once again made aware of her inner kindness.

Furthermore, the master tells Sayaka the deep reason why she started working part-time at this cafe. She was interested in a certain legend passed down in this town, and was looking for clues to solve the mystery. Part-time work was part of that goal. After hearing this story, Tetsuya’s understanding of Sayaka deepened and he realized that she was not just a delinquent leader, but a person with a deep story.

It’s still raining outside, so Tetsuya ends up spending his time at a cafe. However, he didn’t think of it as a bad thing; in fact, he was enjoying this time. The conversation with the master, the hot coffee, and the rainy scenery that could be seen from the cafe were a refreshing relief for Tetsuya.

Tetsuya learned a lot that day. He sees a world he doesn’t know, the warmth of people, and an unexpected side of Sayaka. These discoveries became valuable experiences for him in his new high school life, and were deeply engraved in his mind. Through the events of this rainy day, Tetsuya was made to think once again about the importance of connections with people and the diversity of life.

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