Season 1 (6) Cafe for new encounters

Tetsuya’s high school life took an unexpected turn. Surprised by the fact that Sayaka is the leader of the delinquents, and regretting his choices, he wanders around the seaside town, feeling lonely. At that time, he found a small cafe tucked away next to the “beach hut”. Even though I don’t like coffee, I hesitantly opened the door, eager to enjoy the adult atmosphere.

As soon as he stepped into the store, Tetsuya was surrounded by warm light and gentle music. The master, who was wiping the dishes at the counter, saw Tetsuya’s face and greeted him with a smile, “Would you like some hot coffee?” Tetsuya relaxed a little at those words, which seemed to relieve his tension.

I don't see your face. Are you a student from Kaihin High School?'' To which the master asked, Tetsuya answered,Yes, I transferred today.” Then, the master warmly welcomed us and said, “Welcome to Kaihin Town.”

While enjoying his coffee, Tetsuya looked out the window at the sea. His quiet moment was interrupted by the sound of “Crang-Colon”. The door opens, and a girl looks panicked and shouts out, “I’m late.” When Tetsuya turned around, what caught his eye was Sayaka from yesterday.

She Sayaka put on an apron and she started working right away. When she noticed Tetsuya, she greeted him with a smile, saying, It's not Tetsuya-kun, welcome.'' To Tetsuya, who was at a loss for words due to surprise and confusion, the Master asked, "Do you know each other?" Sayaka introduced her asmy classmate who transferred to high school today.”

Afterwards, she told Tetsuya that Sayaka had a part-time job at a cafe and that she was keeping it a secret from her school. Although Tetsuya was surprised to see her bright and hard-working side, which was different from Sayaka in high school, he felt a new charm in her.

At that moment, the door opened again, and Miki, a cheerful girl wearing the same Kaihin High School uniform as Tetsuya, came in with a cheerful voice saying, “Hey, I’m sorry.” She is a regular at the cafe, and Sayaka is an old friend of hers. Seeing their natural interactions, Tetsuya began to feel the warmth of this town and the depth of the bonds between its people.

For Tetsuya, the time spent at the cafe became an oasis for his soul. At first, he felt regret and loneliness, but the encounter at this cafe brought a colorful light to his new life. Miki’s innocent smile, Master’s warm words, and Sayaka’s unexpected side. All of these things filled Tetsuya’s heart and gradually eased his anxiety about his new environment.

Tetsuya left the cafe as the sun set over the sea. On the way home, he reconsidered what he had gained from this town, this high school, and this cafe. Little by little, seeds of hope began to sprout in my heart, which was filled with anxiety and doubt.

Meeting Sayaka as a “leader of delinquents” and an unexpected reunion at a cafe. The story woven together will be an irreplaceable experience for Tetsuya, and will slowly change his outlook on life. In this small seaside town, Tetsuya reconsiders himself and grows. A new chapter was about to begin.

Tetsuya’s story continues. New encounters and new challenges await him. However, there is no doubt that his time at this cafe will always be a source of emotional support for him. And in this town, Tetsuya finds his true self and walks his own path.

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