Season 1 (5) Encounter with a bad leader

After his first day at his new school, Tetsuya is trying to figure out his place in this new environment. In the corner of the classroom, he spotted Sayaka sitting by the window. She seemed more interested in the scenery outside than in the class, and continued to look outside, unfazed by her teacher’s attention. Although Tetsuya was a little surprised by the sight, he sensed that Sayaka was a free spirit.

Class is over and it’s time to go home. Tetsuya didn’t have any close friends at this school yet, so he started walking around the grounds alone. He explored the school building and facilities and was captivated by its historic atmosphere. Then, we arrived at a slope lined with ginkgo trees behind the school. The place was a hangout for a group of delinquents known at the school.

Tetsuya started down the road, feeling uneasy. Deep down, he felt like this encounter was a rite of passage. However, as expected, he was quickly accosted and surrounded by members of the group. They showed interest in Tetsuya being a newcomer and approached him. Although Tetsuya was nervous, he politely introduced himself. However, the situation did not improve at all, and Tetsuya was unable to escape.

At the peak of their tension, the voice of the female student who was leading them suddenly rang out. “That’s it. Let me go.” With her words, Tetsuya was released. She continued talking to Tetsuya and said, “Newcomer, I’ll forgive you today, but you have to say hello yourself.”

Tetsuya recognized that voice. The leader was Sayaka. Although Tetsuya was surprised, he thanked her and hurried away. His heart was filled with complicated emotions. She learns that Sayaka is not just a free-spirited girl, but also has her side as the leader of her delinquent group, and Tetsuya is forced to change his perception of her.

The events of this day marked an important step for Tetsuya in his new environment. He realizes that life at this school is more complicated than he expected, and feels that he needs to carefully monitor how his relationship with Sayaka will affect his future school life. Tetsuya’s new chapter begins with an unexpected encounter and challenge.

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