Season 1 (4) New route – Introduction to startups

Under the cherry blossom trees that decorate the campus with the arrival of spring, Sakura is taking her steps toward her next challenge at the School of Digital Inquiry Science. This time she will be taking a seminar on startup entrepreneurship that is a little different from what she has learned so far. The classroom was filled with a special excitement, with a mixture of anticipation and anxiety about the new lesson.

“Welcome to this course that will introduce you to the world of startups,” a professor with extensive experience in startups begins quietly. Today’s theme is “Introduction to Startups.” It’s time to learn everything from the basics of startups to their special position in the business world.

As the class progressed, Sakura became captivated by the combination of innovative ideas and strategies to turn them into reality. The essence of startups was to explore new ways to solve problems and sometimes transform existing markets. These stories lit a fire of ambition within Sakura.

The professor also talked about the essence of entrepreneurship and the legal framework needed to launch and operate a business. These sessions emphasized the importance of building a solid foundation for startup success.

During the class, Sakura reflects on her thoughts on digital technology and its real-world applications and begins to envision a startup that provides environmentally sustainable solutions. The idea was to combine her previous knowledge with new learnings from a startup entrepreneurship seminar.

As her classes progressed, Sakura began to connect her knowledge gained in this course to her vision for the future and explore what is actually possible in the world of startups. This seminar became more than just a class for her, it became a journey for her to explore unknown territory and test her own abilities.

After her class, Sakura takes a moment of silence under her cherry blossoms to reflect on her own future. Infinite possibilities are unfolding in front of her. Each possibility holds different challenges and opportunities, but Sakura is not afraid of them and is determined to take on them boldly.

This chapter of “Trajectory to the Future: Oka Exploration” follows Sakura as she learns the basic concepts of startups and begins to see the world from a new perspective. Her learning journey has gone beyond simply gaining new business knowledge; it has become a journey to explore ways to bring out the potential hidden within herself and use that power to benefit society.

After spending time in her classroom, Sakura further fleshes out her own startup idea. Her ideas for a greener and more sustainable future take shape as she meets like-minded people. Their cooperation and collaboration goes beyond simply sharing knowledge, and becomes a valuable experience that fosters mutual growth and development.

In Sakura’s mind, what she learned at her startup entrepreneurship seminar and her own dreams began to merge. The knowledge gained through digital technology classes thus far will become a bridge that will lead to solving problems in the real world.

Through this course, Sakura learned that the world of startups is not just about launching a new business, but the challenge of creating something of real value for society and building a sustainable future. . She renews her courage and determination to overcome the difficulties and obstacles she will face and realize her vision for herself.

As Sakura walked around her campus, her confidence that she had found the path she was meant to follow grew stronger. For her, this new journey amidst the blooming cherry blossoms symbolizes endless possibilities for her future. Sakura’s story in Path to the Future: Ouka Kenkyuki will give hope and inspiration to all who have the courage to follow her dreams as she forges her own path. Her journey is about to begin.

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