Season 1 (3) Miracle of Reunion

When Tetsuya stepped into his new life, his heart was fluctuating with anticipation and anxiety. While the fresh air and unknown environment of the town tickled his adventurous spirit, he also felt a deep sense of loneliness. Meanwhile, a mysterious event that he experienced during the summer of his sixth year of elementary school suddenly came back to his mind. The miracle that came with the thunder that day at the shrine, and the image of the girl who was with him, came back vividly in his memory.

Tetsuya made up his mind and headed towards his former shrine. As the breath of spring filled him, he climbed the stone steps step by step. Tetsuya took a deep breath in the temple grounds, where old trees stood quietly, giving the impression of the passage of time. He closed his eyes right there and prayed silently, thinking about the past, present, and future in his mind.

At that moment, Tetsuya heard a faint noise and turned around. There stood a beautiful girl with long hair blowing in the wind. Her neat white dress swayed in the spring breeze, giving off a vitality like spring itself. The moment Tetsuya’s eyes touched her, he felt as if time had stopped for a moment.

The girl bowed twice with a gentle smile, and her graceful gesture deeply touched Tetsuya’s heart. I'm Tetsuya. I just moved to this town,'' Tetsuya nervously introduced himself. She smiled kindly and introduced herself,I’m Sayaka,” and that name spread a soft ripple through Tetsuya’s heart.

Then, Sayaka quietly climbed onto her bike and rode away with the wind. As Tetsuya gazed at her back, he felt as if he were being guided by her mysterious thread of fate. Is the reunion at the shrine a coincidence, fate, or does it have some great meaning? He still couldn’t find the answer, but his heart was warmly filled with gratitude and hope for his new encounter.

This reunion foreshadowed a new beginning for Tetsuya. What kind of story will his new life in an unknown town bring him? The journey to find the answer is about to begin.

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