Season 1 (2): Moving and transferring schools

Five years have passed since we met at the shrine that summer day. I, Tetsuya, was a second year high school student. Although he graduated from junior high school and entered a local high school, his academic performance was not good and his relationships with his classmates were not good. Every day was a series of rebellious periods, small disputes with his parents were constant at home, and he felt distant from those around him at school. One day, unable to find my place, I impulsively ran away from home and wandered the streets at night.

That night, my father found me and brought me back home. After a family meeting, we decide to start in a new environment. They moved to a town near the airport, near where their former “beach hut” was located. Living in a new town and at a new school was a great opportunity for me to start over.

On my first day at the new school, I stepped into my new classroom with nervous hands shaking. New teacher, new classmates. I didn’t know how to present myself or how to act. However, this new environment was also a chance for me to reset. It’s a chance to shake off your past self and find a new you.

As the class progressed, I was able to get to know my new classmates little by little. A boy who likes soccer, a girl who knows about manga, and a friend who loves music. Through our shared hobbies, we were able to gradually develop friendships. The experience in this new environment meant a lot to me. Through interactions with others, I was able to reexamine myself and grow.

Also, learning at a new school was a series of new discoveries for me. I was able to find a new attitude toward studying, such as gradually becoming interested in subjects I was interested in and mathematics, which I thought I was bad at. Under the enthusiastic guidance of my teachers, I was able to find a study method that suited me and gradually improve my grades.

However, there were many challenges in this new life. Establishing your place in the class, building new friendships, and most of all, learning how to deal with yourself. I was still inexperienced in all of this. Still, this experience of changing schools was a big turning point for me. Breaking with your past self, accepting your new self, and having the courage to believe in your own potential. That was the most important lesson I learned from this turning point.

Living in a new town and at a new school was a series of challenges and discoveries for me. However, it was also a journey of personal growth and discovery. The experience in a new environment was an important step that led me to become a full-fledged adult.

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