Season 1 (2): Bonds of electric current

As fresh spring greenery adorns the campus, Sakura steps into her first class at the School of Digital Inquiry Science. In the classroom were gathered students who were also about to take the first step into a new world. Everyone shares a unique atmosphere of both anticipation and anxiety. Sakura was no exception; her heart was pounding, and at the same time she was filled with nervousness about the unknown.

The professor standing at the front of the classroom begins to speak quietly. “Welcome everyone to the School of Digital Exploration Science. Here, let’s learn together how to contribute to society through digital technology.”

The theme of the class was “Basics of Circuit Equations.” Sakura opens her notebook and begins to diligently take notes, making sure not to miss every word of her professor’s words. The concept of cut sets, Kirchhoff’s law…terms I’ve never heard before are thrown around. However, as Sakura followed her professor’s words, she began to feel electricity flowing through circuits, as if she were a living thing.

“An electrical circuit is a path through which electric current flows. Understanding this path is the starting point for our learning.” Sakura nodded at her professor’s words and looked at her circuit diagram. Drop it. She imagines how electric current flows and how energy is transformed in the intricately intertwined lines. It was as if she were exploring an unknown forest, filled with a sense of excitement.

A girl sitting next to her in the classroom spoke to Sakura. “The flow of electric current is kind of strange, isn’t it?” Her name is Ayaka. She was also interested in the digital world and was trying to learn a lot. The two quickly hit it off and begin solving circuit problems together. Every time they faced a difficult problem, a new bond grew between them.

Sakura takes on the challenge of calculating the current and voltage of a certain circuit using Kirchhoff’s laws. Sakura has some trouble at first, but as she works with Ayaka to solve the problem, she gradually begins to understand the essence of the law. Sakura’s eyes lit up the moment she learned that conservation of current and balance of energy are at the root of circuit design.

“Even though you can’t see electricity, it’s bound by such beautiful laws,” Sakura murmured in her mind. Through cut sets and Kirchhoff’s laws, she was able to experience the beauty of the logic behind electrical circuits. What Sakura learned that day was more than just knowledge. It is the power to understand and give form to the invisible. Sakura deeply realized that this was the essence of digital technology and the basis of the world she would explore from now on.

After class, Sakura and Ayaka talked about what they had learned that day while walking around campus. There was an atmosphere between the two of them filled with expectations for learning and growing together. It was the moment when a new friendship blossomed and the trajectory for the future began.

As Sakura was walking back to her house, she looked up at the sky. Cherry blossom petals danced in the sky at dusk, as if they were reflecting the movements of Sakura’s own heart. New knowledge lights up your mind, you meet new friends, and your hopes for the future grow. Everything that she felt throughout the day was in beautiful harmony within Sakura.


This chapter of “Trajectory to the Future: Oka Exploration Record” depicts the first step in Sakura’s learning journey. Starting with the basic principles of electrical circuits, touching on the depth of digital technology, and making new friendships, Sakura’s path to the future becomes clear little by little. Her story will continue, and we will follow her path of learning and growth.

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