Season 1 (18) Waiting person

Tetsuya hasn’t been feeling well since this morning, so he decides to skip school while pulling the heavy futon closer to him. Rain continues to fall outside the window, and the humidity permeates every corner of the room. His mind raced through the days since he moved to this town, like scenes from a movie. In particular, the reason why Sayaka kept waiting for someone at that cafe bothered him. Tetsuya didn’t know who that person was or why she kept waiting there for him.

Even though he was feverish, Tetsuya’s heart was filled with thoughts of Sayaka. The person she is waiting for might be her first love. However, that person never appeared, and the sight of Sayaka waiting made Tetsuya’s heart ache.

His condition worsened and his fever finally rose to 39 degrees. While he was in a haze, Tetsuya remembered the events of five years ago in his dreams. The energetic girl like Miki he met at the shrine seemed like she was about to appear in front of him at any moment. He wondered if they had some kind of connection, but the idea seemed too unrealistic.

On the other hand, she couldn’t get Sayaka out of her mind. Her calm and mature demeanor was an unimaginable change from the energetic girl she once was. However, the reason why she kept waiting for someone remained a mystery.

Despite resting at his home, Tetsuya’s fever did not subside, and he was forced to stay in the hospital. Life at a small town hospital was boring and lonely, but the warm care of the nurses supported him.

However, even in the silence of the hospital room, Tetsuya’s heart was restless. There are endless questions running through his mind about the mystery of the person Sayaka is waiting for, his mysterious connection with Miki, and his future. In particular, one point that stuck with him was why Sayaka kept waiting at that cafe.

Lying in the hospital bed, Tetsuya looked out the window at the calm afternoon light. The rain had stopped, and the only sound breaking the silence was the slow movement of the hands on the wall clock in the hospital room.

Even in the midst of his fever, Tetsuya’s mind was thinking about Sayaka, Miki, and the many people he met in this town. He suddenly realized how much Miki’s bright smile and Sayaka’s quiet kindness had saved his heart.

A nurse came into the room and spoke to him gently. Her words brought Tetsuya back to reality for a moment. After she left, Tetsuya looked out the window again and let out a deep sigh, alone in the hospital room.

That night, Tetsuya fell into a deep sleep again. In his dream, he saw himself having fun at that cafe with Sayaka and Miki. In the dream, they had no worries and were simply enjoying the present moment. Tetsuya sincerely hoped that his dream would become a reality.

At the hospital, Tetsuya spends time facing himself, even though he has a lot of anxiety and expectations in his heart. Little did he know that this time would be the beginning of a new story for him.

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