Season 1 (17) Railroad crossing

In mid-June, the smell of rain filled the air, and the town was enveloped in the damp air of the rainy season. After school, Tetsuya decides to take a walk along the railroad tracks by the sea on a whim. The seaside railway that ran through Kaihin Town was like a symbol of his hometown. He was spending some time away from his daily life, looking at the station building and platforms.

As I watched one train car slide onto the platform, I felt another train approaching from a different direction. Apparently, this was the timing when the trains passed each other. The railroad crossing came down, and Tetsuya stayed where he was, watching as the two trains passed each other silently.

After the train left, the crossing was reopened and people came out of the platform. Tetsuya suddenly spotted Sayaka among them and was both surprised and happy.

“Hello, Sayaka-san. It’s kind of fateful that we can meet here.” When Tetsuya called out to him, Sayaka responded with a bright smile. “Hello, Tetsuya-kun. I have something to do today.”

The two enjoyed talking for a while, and then got excited about various topics, including that Sayaka was commuting by train from the town next to hers, and that they didn’t have any special plans today. Tetsuya then decides to invite Sayaka to a cafe.

However, at that moment, an unexpected situation occurred. The railroad crossing alarm began to sound again, and the first train was approaching. However, just before that, a stroller got stuck inside the railroad crossing. Her mother tried to move the stroller in a panic, but she just couldn’t seem to get out.

As the people around him screamed, Tetsuya ran into the railroad crossing without hesitation, picked up the stroller, and pulled it out. At that moment, a train suddenly stopped nearby. The surroundings were filled with voices of surprise and relief, but Tetsuya took a deep breath and reflected on his actions.

Tetsuya was relieved to see that he returned the stroller safely to his mother and the people around him returned to their normal behavior with a relieved look on their faces. His heart was still pounding.

Sayaka ran up to Tetsuya and said, “Tetsuya-kun, are you okay? That was really amazing. You’re really brave. I’m so glad you’re safe!” Sayaka said with her heartfelt gratitude. Sayaka’s voice eased his nervousness.

Tetsuya smiled and modestly replied, “Thank you, but it’s no big deal. Anyway, I’m glad everyone is safe,” but in his heart he was a little surprised by his actions. He had a feeling that some special force might have been working on him, but he didn’t think much more about it.

“As Miki-chan said, Tetsuya-kun is really active, kind, and strong,” said Sayaka, deeply impressed.

“It’s nothing like that, it’s just a reflex. But I’m really glad you’re okay,” Tetsuya answered, looking a little embarrassed.

After that, the two headed to the cafe as planned. When I arrived at the cafe, Miki was already waiting for me.

“I heard, Senpai! You saved someone at a railroad crossing! Tetsuya-senpai, aren’t you a hero? I heard you did a great job at railroad crossings!” Miki spoke excitedly, her eyes shining. Ta. Apparently, Tetsuya’s actions were already spreading throughout the town. In this small town, everything quickly becomes a rumor.

“That was cool, Senpai,” Sayaka said to Miki.

“Tetsuya-kun, you were really cool. You have the power to act and be kind,” Sayaka complimented.

“Eh, Sayaka-senpai saw it too?” Miki said in a surprised voice.

“Of course. I wanted Miki-chan to see how cool Tetsuya-kun is,” Sayaka said with a smile.

Unable to hide his embarrassment and confusion, Tetsuya replied, “Everyone is exaggerating. I just did what I could.”

Sayaka went inside the counter and she started making coffee for Tetsuya and Miki. This incident was the moment when a new bond was forged between them. Their smiles shone in the warm afternoon light as the gentle music played in the cafe.

Tetsuya that day remained in the hearts of many people as a small hero of the town. The incident at the railroad crossing will be remembered as an unforgettable event in his high school life. Also, his bond with Sayaka and Miki became even stronger through this event.

On the night that Tetsuya’s actions spread throughout the town, he was lying in bed thinking about the events of that day. He himself was most surprised at how his split-second decision at the railroad crossing affected so many people. And he felt that the warm words from Sayaka and Miki lit something warm deep within his heart.

The next day, Tetsuya’s courageous actions became a hot topic at school. Tetsuya smiled shyly at the words of praise from his classmates and his teacher, but inside he felt a deep sense of satisfaction. He didn’t think he had accomplished anything big, but seeing people’s reactions made him realize that sometimes a little courage can mean a lot.

After school, Tetsuya was once again walking along the road by the sea. His heart was filled with the confidence he gained from the events of the previous day. With the sound of ocean waves as background music, he faced his inner self and reconsidered what was important in his life from now on.

At that moment, he suddenly spots Sayaka sitting alone on a bench by the sea. She seemed to be deep in thought as she gazed at the ocean in the distance. Tetsuya quietly approached and sat down next to her. “Sayaka-san, what’s wrong? Are you worried about something?” Tetsuya called out to him gently, and Sayaka looked at him in shock.

“Tetsuya-kun, thank you so much for yesterday. I was moved by your courage. But I suddenly started thinking about how much each of us influences the people around us in our daily lives.” Sayaka Tetsuya nodded deeply at these words.

“Certainly, until yesterday, I never imagined that the actions of one person could have such a profound effect on those around us.However, I believe that this is the power of small courage that we can all have.That’s why Sayaka-san also wants to do what she can. I guess you can trust me.” Hearing Tetsuya’s words, Sayaka smiled kindly.

The two looked out at the sea for a while and talked about the importance of small courage and kindness in life. The conversation that day became an unforgettable and precious time for both Tetsuya and Sayaka. And, against the backdrop of the beautiful sunset over the sea, a new bond was born between the two.

Through this event, Tetsuya rediscovered the potential that had been dormant within himself and was given the opportunity to grow even further. Also, his relationship with Sayaka deepened a step further. Tetsuya came to truly believe that small daily acts of courage can eventually lead to big changes.

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