Season 1 (16) Rainy season

In early June, the smell of rain filled the air, and the town was enveloped in the deep silence of the rainy season. Tetsuya left school and quickly headed down the hill to a small cafe that was an oasis for his heart. When I opened the door, an unexpected sight unfolded. Sayaka, who was standing at the counter in place of the master, suddenly caught Tetsuya’s eye.

“Sayaka-san, isn’t it unusual on a day like this?” When Tetsuya called out to him, Sayaka smiled and replied. “My master was absent due to a cold, and I was suddenly asked to take care of the store.” Tetsuya asked worriedly, “Is Master okay?”

The two had a slow conversation for the first time in a while, and Tetsuya asked Sayaka a mean question. Did Sayaka-san use to be as energetic as Miki? Sayaka looked surprised for a moment, but she quickly regained her smile and said,Well, maybe you were more naughty in the past. “Wow,” she confessed. Tetsuya had a hard time imagining that Sayaka had a personality like Miki in the past; she seemed so calm and mature now. Although Tetsuya was surprised to see this new side of Sayaka’s girlfriend, he felt something drawn to her atmosphere.

In order to find out the true intentions of Sayaka, who works at a cafe, Tetsuya asks her, “Why are you working at a cafe?” Sayaka’s answer was surprising. “I’m waiting for someone here,” she said quietly. In those words, Tetsuya sensed something like a faint love interest, and Tetsuya came to know an unexpected side of Sayaka’s girlfriend.

Eventually, the topic shifted to the shrine by the sea where the two first met. On that day, the two coincidentally made a wish at the same place. Tetsuya was sincerely grateful that that chance encounter had connected the two of them today. Then, when Tetsuya talked about expressing his gratitude to the person who saved his life at the shrine, a subtle change appeared in Sayaka’s expression.

“Does that mean…” Tetsuya wondered as Sayaka slurred her words. What’s wrong?” Sayaka hesitated for a moment, then said,No, it’s nothing,” and ended the conversation. However, a small doubt remained in Tetsuya’s mind. Her reaction was as if she knew something about the events of that day.

At that moment, the events of that day came back vividly in Tetsuya’s mind. When thunder rumbled and a tree fell, he felt that his life was in danger. However, strangely enough, he survived the sudden crisis. It was as if something invisible was protecting me.

Tetsuya thought that perhaps Sayaka was related to that “something invisible.” Her wish at the shrine may have saved her. Realizing this connection, Tetsuya began to feel grateful for Sayaka and another deep bond.

As Tetsuya left the cafe, he said to Sayaka, “Thank you for today. Let’s talk again.” Her expression seemed to show that she wanted to convey something. The rain outside was still falling, but Tetsuya’s heart was filled with warm thoughts. I had a feeling that a new story was waiting to be unraveled between the two of them.

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