Season 1 (15) Youthful table tennis front – A story of sports festivals and bonds

One sunny afternoon before the sports festival, Tetsuya was heading up his usual hill to school. The days since Golden Week ended have been filled with new friendships and challenges. In particular, his relationships with Sayaka and Miki have brought about major changes for him. And now, a new page is about to be added to that change.

When I arrived at the school, the schoolyard was buzzing with preparations for the sports festival. His classmates are practicing for various sports, including Tetsuya. He decided to participate in a mixed doubles table tennis competition. His partner was Sayaka. Tetsuya was not good at sports, but he was a little confident when it came to table tennis. As they practiced together, a bond of trust and cooperation was born between them.

At that time, Miki’s junior, Youta, was at the club she belonged to. Youta is a modest and gentle boy who has built a good friendship with Miki. He is also excited for the sports festival, and is scheduled to pair up with Miki to participate in the mixed doubles tournament. Although his relationship with Miki was nothing more than friendship, Youta had a strong desire to support her and work hard together.

On the day of the sports festival, the schoolyard was clear and bright under the soft May sunlight, making it even more gorgeous with the enthusiasm of the students. Amid various competitions, the mixed doubles table tennis competition also began. The pairs of Tetsuya and Sayaka and Miki and Youta made it through the preliminaries and were able to compete in the semifinals.

Before the match, Tetsuya was nervous but was planning a strategy with Sayaka. Her calm playing style and Tetsuya’s surprising skill created a synergy greater than expected. On the other hand, the pair of Miki and Youta was also not defeated. Youta’s calm personality eased Miki’s pressure and brought out her talent.

The match was a close one, and the venue was filled with tension. However, in the end, it was the pair of Tetsuya and Sayaka that won. After the match, the four gathered together and praised each other’s good performance. Tetsuya said, Both of us gave great performances,and Sayaka said with a gentle smile,Miki and Youta were also great. It was a really good match. Miki cheerfully replied, Thank you, Tetsuya-senpai and Sayaka-san. I want to practice more with Youta-kun and try again. Youta smiled gently and said,Yes, I’d love to see you again!

Through this sports festival, a deep bond was formed between Tetsuya, Sayaka, Miki, and Youta that transcended competition. They learned about each other’s strength and kindness and learned true sportsmanship. What was more important than winning or losing was the bond between people, and the value of working together and supporting each other.

As the setting sun colored the schoolyard, Tetsuya, with new friendships and experiences in his heart, resolved to continue facing himself and valuing his relationships with the people around him. Although the sports festival has ended, the bond that was born between them will continue unabated. And Tetsuya renewed his determination to continue facing himself and valuing his relationships with the people around him.

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