Season 1 (14) Subsequent days

The next morning, Tetsuya woke up feeling unexpectedly calm. The morning sun shining through the window warmly illuminated his room, signaling the start of a new day. However, somewhere in my heart, the road to school felt heavier and longer than usual. He took a deep breath and left his home, knowing that yesterday’s events would be known throughout the school.

Tetsuya’s heart beat faster and he felt the air around him grow heavier as he approached the school. There were whispers in his ears and glances of hidden curiosity. The hallway he walked through felt like a completely different world from the day before. Although Tetsuya was acutely aware that he was the center of attention, he moved forward step by step with strong will.

During his class, Tetsuya was struggling with his inner thoughts so much that he couldn’t hear his teacher’s words. He kept thinking about the conflict with the delinquent group and its strange solution. Why did they fall so easily, and who saved him, or does he really have unknown powers within himself? His attempts to find answers to these questions only created more questions.

After school, Tetsuya headed to the cafe as usual, but his steps were a little light. The Master’s presence and the reunion with Sayaka and Miki-chan gave him a sense of security. Spending time at the cafe was a valuable opportunity for Tetsuya to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In his conversations with his friends, he found temporary relief from the problems he was facing.

Miki’s invitation to come home was an unexpected surprise for Tetsuya. Although their homes were in the same direction, they had never returned home together. The sight of them walking side by side may have been a new sight for the people around them. Miki’s pure curiosity and hidden respect for Tetsuya made this quiet journey home special.

When Miki-chan started speaking, Tetsuya noticed the tension and worry in her voice. When she asked, “Are you okay?”, Tetsuya gently answered, “Nothing happened.” Upon his reply, Miki’s expression was filled with relief, and her words, “Tetsuya-senpai, you’re strong!” left a deep impression on Tetsuya. Her words gave Tetsuya new confidence and a positive attitude towards his future life.

That night, Tetsuya was alone in his room, reflecting on the events of the day and facing his inner self. He quietly accepted in his heart all the emotions he had felt this day. Loneliness, fear, and the light of friendship. All of these things shape Tetsuya’s heart and help him grow. He became acutely aware that he was no longer alone and that the journey ahead was one he would walk with his friends. That night, Tetsuya fell into a deep sleep, his mind at peace and full of anticipation for a new day.

What Tetsuya learned and felt from this event became an irreplaceable treasure. His life from now on is the beginning of a dialogue with himself and a journey to explore his true self. And the journey will be richer and more meaningful with his friends. Tetsuya’s high school life slowly turns the pages to a chapter of new friendships and discoveries.

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