Season 1 (13) New life and unknown power

At the end of May, as the green trees swayed in the wind, Tetsuya climbed the slope to school with a newfound feeling in his heart. He spends a heartwarming time with Miki-chan and Sayaka, and feels that something is starting to change inside him. The budding friendships shed new light on what had been a lonely school life.

However, that light was soon covered with dark clouds. About halfway up the hill, he is stopped by a member of a group of delinquents who have gotten into trouble before. His words were in a commanding tone, announcing a duel behind the gymnasium after school. Tetsuya’s heart suddenly became heavy. He was torn between wanting to avoid this confrontation and the reality that the more he avoided it, the worse the situation would become.

When I arrived at the school, this disturbing atmosphere was already spreading among the students. The whispers of his classmates, the distant glances… everything drove Tetsuya even further. Sayaka also seemed to be in a position where she couldn’t help Tetsuya openly, and her reserved gaze hurt Tetsuya’s heart even more.

Time passed by too quickly, and the time after school came quickly. Tetsuya took a deep breath, rallied himself, and headed to the back of the gym. Along the way, he is surrounded by looks of pity, curiosity, or even fear. However, there was no one to support him.

When he arrived at the back of the gymnasium, a group of delinquents were already waiting for Tetsuya. There was a light in their eyes, as if they were sure of victory. Tetsuya was expecting a one-on-one battle, but in reality it was a one-sided assault by the five people surrounding him.

Just before their first blow was fired, Tetsuya closed his eyes, torn between whether to avoid them or face them. However, something unexpected happened. At the moment when the attack is supposed to begin, the delinquents fall down one by one. When Tetsuya opened his eyes, his surroundings were filled with fallen delinquents.

This event had a huge impact on Tetsuya. He had deep doubts about how the delinquents were killed even though he had done nothing. Had some unknown power hidden within him been activated, or had something else intervened? the answer

To find out, Tetsuya decided to look deeply into himself. He is determined to understand the responsibility and possibilities that this power brings.

As Tetsuya left the back of the gymnasium, he suddenly felt someone looking at him. When he turned around, it seemed like someone was watching him from a shadow in the distance, but that person quickly disappeared from his sight. Tetsuya didn’t know who it was, but the thought crossed his mind that something or someone other than him might be involved in this incident.

On the way home, Tetsuya was deep in thought. Up until now, he had thought of himself as an average high school student with no special skills. However, today’s events awakened something that had been dormant within him. Whatever it was, Tetsuya was not afraid of it, rather he was determined to accept this new side and grow it as a part of himself.

When Tetsuya arrived home, he immediately locked himself in his room and wrote about the day’s events in his diary. For him, writing was a way to organize his thoughts and communicate with himself. As Tetsuya runs his pen, he gradually accepts the new reality he is facing.

That night, Tetsuya fell into a deeper sleep than usual. In his dreams, he plays an active role as a hero who masters unknown powers and overcomes difficulties. In the dream, Tetsuya was full of confidence and was respected by the people around him. When he woke up, he was ready to face a new day with the hope and courage that his dream had brought him.

On this day, a new chapter in Tetsuya’s high school life began. Although faced with the new mystery of an unknown power, Tetsuya sees this as an opportunity for his own growth and begins to move forward. His journey continues. While many challenges and discoveries await him, Tetsuya deepens his dialogue with himself and discovers his true self.

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