Season 1 (12) New discoveries

Tetsuya heads to school at the beginning of the new week, remembering the events of last weekend. The fun time they had at the cafe the day before, especially Miki’s strange behavior, remained in his mind. Also, the words she said to him at that time, “Tetsuya-senpai, you’re really strong!” touched Tetsuya’s heart many times.

As he passed through the school gate and made his way to the school building as usual, he happened to come across Miki-chan and Sayaka chatting. The two seemed to be talking in a relaxed atmosphere, just like they did yesterday at the cafe.

“Good morning, Tetsuya-senpai!” Miki greeted cheerfully. There was no trace of the nervousness in her voice from yesterday, and her usual cheerfulness seemed to have returned.

“Good morning, Sayaka-san and Miki-chan. Yesterday was really fun,” Tetsuya answered, and Sayaka smiled gently.

“Yes, I had a great time too. Thanks to Tetsuya-kun and Miki-chan.”

Hearing these words, Miki looked at Tetsuya, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Actually, Sayaka-san and I have been best friends since we were little.” Miki began, looking a little embarrassed. Her story gave a sense of the long friendship and deep bond between the two.

“Are we old friends? That’s wonderful.” Tetsuya thought sincerely. He had never had such a long-term friend, so he felt a little envious of their relationship.

As time passed and the time for class to begin approached, the three of them naturally headed to the classroom. While walking down the hallway, Miki called out to Tetsuya.

“Tetsuya-senpai, thank you so much for the other day. For giving me courage.”

Tetsuya was surprised by those words. I immediately realized that the meaning of these words was about the day she encountered a group of delinquents, but even though she wasn’t supposed to have done anything special that day, the events of that day still made Miki feel… It seems like it had great meaning.

After class, Tetsuya headed back to the cafe he visited yesterday. As usual, the master welcomed him warmly, and Tetsuya sat down at the counter and took a deep breath.

“Tetsuya-kun, it looks like you had a great time yesterday,” Master said.

Tetsuya nodded, and in the silence of the cafe he began to think about his future. The events from Golden Week were a major turning point for him, and he felt that it was the beginning of a journey to find a new self. The incident with Miki made him realize his inner strength and influence on others. And his deepening friendship with Sayaka gives him a new place to live and a sense of security.

During the quiet time spent at the cafe, Tetsuya suddenly noticed the sound of a piano. It was similar to the gentle melody I heard from the music room at school. This music gave Tetsuya new hope and gave him the strength to move forward in his future days.

Tetsuya looked out the window of the cafe and thought about how much life in this town had taught him. Friendship, courage, growth… all these things were coming together in his heart and opening the door to a new chapter.

In the evening, Tetsuya left the cafe and headed home. His heart was filled with anticipation for the unknown challenges ahead. The time he spent with Miki and Sayaka, and the quiet moments at the cafe, taught him something important.

Tetsuya looked up at the starry sky, feeling like he couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come. These stars seemed to show him endless possibilities. And he was sure. That he can find his own path and move forward step by step.

In this way, Tetsuya’s high school years were filled with new friendships, encounters, and a story of self-discovery. His journey has only just begun, and many discoveries and challenges await him. However, Tetsuya is no longer alone. By his side, he has the strength to walk with new friends.

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