Season 1 (11) Bonds of friendship

On Saturday afternoon, Tetsuya went to his usual cafe on a whim. Even after Golden Week ended and he returned to his normal life, a small commotion still remained in his heart. When I opened the door of the cafe, there were almost no customers as usual, but today the usual master was nowhere to be seen. Sayaka was working alone behind the counter.

“Sayaka-chan, hello. Who’s your master?” Tetsuya asked, and she answered with a smile. “Master is out on some business. What do you want to do?”

Tetsuya ordered an iced coffee and sat down at the counter. As I was surrounded by the calm atmosphere of the cafe, the memory of my encounter with a group of delinquents last Sunday and how I was saved by an unknown force came flooding back to me. As I was wondering whether I should talk to Sayaka about it, the door to the cafe opened and a new customer entered.

“Hello! Sayaka-senpai and Tetsuya-senpai are here too!” Miki said in a cheerful voice. Then she sat down next to Tetsuya, greeting him cheerfully.

While the three of us were having a fun conversation, we heard a commotion coming from outside the cafe. Tetsuya’s heart was instantly filled with tension. That was the voice of the delinquent group I encountered last week. However, Sayaka kept her cool and told Tetsuya and Miki to feel safe. “It’s okay here. Don’t worry about anything.”

In the end, the group of delinquents passed by without doing anything. Tetsuya confirms that they have left, and once again realizes how special this cafe and Sayaka’s existence is. This place was more than just a resting place, it was a space where people felt safe and secure, and where they could foster new friendships.

Tetsuya, Sayaka, and Miki continued to spend a peaceful time together. As if they were isolated from the world outside the cafe, they talked about their dreams, hopes, and anxieties, deepening their bonds with each other. Through this conversation, Tetsuya learned a lot about Sayaka and Miki, and felt a new emotion in his heart.

As dusk approached, Miki-chan announced it was time for her to return home. She stood up and left the cafe, waving to Sayaka and Tetsuya. “Thank you for today, see you soon!” Her bright voice echoed through the cafe.

After that, Tetsuya left the cafe following Miki, saying to Sayaka, “I’ll be back.” As Tetsuya descended the slope, he etched today’s events in his mind. Anxiety, loneliness, and new and deepened friendships. He was confident that all of these things would fill his heart and color his future high school life.

For Tetsuya, this day’s experience was more than just a way to spend a holiday. It was a valuable time that made him realize once again how important connections with people are and that there is unknown strength hidden within himself. Despite his encounter with a group of delinquents, the peaceful time he spent with Sayaka and Miki at the cafe brought him peace and courage.

On his way home, Tetsuya looked up at the sky. The sunset colors the sky beautifully. He felt that the days he spent in this town would continue to help him grow. I’m looking forward to school starting tomorrow more than ever. New friendships, new discoveries, and new expectations for himself made Tetsuya positive.

From this day on, Tetsuya’s high school life will take a new turn. His story, which began with anxiety and loneliness, changes into one filled with friendship and hope through his encounters with Sayaka and Miki. He swore to himself that he would continue to cherish his experiences in this town and walk his own path.

And when Tetsuya opened the door to his home, he had one certainty in his heart. No matter how difficult the challenges may be, as long as you have the people you care about like Sayaka and Miki, you can overcome them. A new chapter in his high school life was about to begin.

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