Season 1 (10) Turning point on Sunday

On Sunday morning, Tetsuya woke up feeling different than usual. On this day, which coincided with the end of Golden Week, he felt a strong desire to make a change. It was quiet outside, and this time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life felt like a new beginning for him. Basking in the morning light, Tetsuya took a deep breath and asked himself a question. What will he change and where will he go? In search of the answer, he decided to go to school on Sunday.

On the way to school, the sea breeze lightened Tetsuya’s heart. When he passed through the school gate, he was greeted by an unusual silence. However, even within that silence, there was a sense of the dynamism of life. The students of the athletic club were sweating in the schoolyard, and the gentle melody of the piano could be heard coming from the music room. Tetsuya was captivated by a new side of the school that he had never experienced before.

He walked through the school building and suddenly noticed the bulletin board. The results of the previous day’s skill test were posted there, but the name that caught Tetsuya’s attention was the name “Sayaka.” She had achieved top grades in all subjects, including music and art, and her name aroused new questions in Tetsuya. Who on earth is this girl named Sayaka? The mystery piqued Tetsuya’s curiosity.

After leaving school, Tetsuya unexpectedly visited Namiki Street. Sitting on a bench, Tetsuya faced himself as time passed quietly. Then, in an unexpected moment, his peaceful moment is interrupted by a group of delinquents who suddenly appear. Amidst the tension, Tetsuya closed his eyes and faced the approaching crisis. However, when he opened his eyes, the delinquents who tried to attack him were gone. Next to him was Miki, who was looking at him worriedly. “Tetsuya-senpai, are you okay? You’re really strong!” Tetsuya was confused by her words, but he felt an unknown power protect him.

This Sunday brought many realizations to Tetsuya. His own strength, his bond with Miki, and his growing interest in Sayaka. All of these things added new color to his life and led Tetsuya’s high school life in a new direction. As the sun set, he returned to his home, fresh and ready for the new week. His heart was filled with positive expectations for his future school life.

On Monday morning, Tetsuya headed to school with his new self. The way he walked through the school gate was clearly different from before. Inside him was a new strength and determination that transcended his feelings of anxiety and loneliness. His conversations with Miki, his encounters with delinquents, and his interest in Sayaka…all of these changed him and made him grow.

The lessons learned from Sunday’s experience became a valuable treasure for Tetsuya. He deeply understood that he had the strength to overcome any difficulties and the value of true friendship. He was sure that his future school life would be full of new challenges and discoveries, and he was looking forward to them.

The melody flowing from the music room became a symbol of the days to come for Tetsuya. The gentle melody of the piano touched his heart and gave him the courage to take a new step. Tetsuya decides to move forward with his high school life, feeling the infinite potential hidden within himself.

His story had just begun, and the future was full of endless possibilities. Tetsuya took a step forward into a new chapter with the knowledge he gained through this Sunday in mind. The road that lies ahead of him is a life journey filled with challenges and discoveries, joys and sorrows. But he’s no longer alone. Together with Miki, Sayaka, and the people of this town, Tetsuya goes on his own path.

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