Season 1 (10) Sustainability and Regeneration of Life

The next morning, Haruka and her friends take a walk deep into the forest, observing the forest creatures that have come out of dormancy and are about to start a new life. The sight of various plants, insects, and small animals that go dormant during the winter to protect themselves from the harsh cold and then resume their activities with the arrival of spring symbolizes the rhythms of the natural world and the cycles of life.

Asahi will explain the process of breaking dormancy from a scientific perspective. “Diapause is a state in which organisms minimize their biological activity in order to cope with the harsh conditions of their external environment.However, when spring comes and temperatures rise, these organisms receive certain chemical signals. For example, in plant seeds, changes in temperature or humidity can trigger dormancy to break and begin the process that leads to germination.”

Hazuki talks about what breaking dormancy means for plants from a biological perspective. “This time of year, when plant seeds wake up from dormancy, heralds the beginning of new life. Warm spring sunlight and increasing rainwater provide the seeds with the energy and moisture they need, and new shoots emerge from the soil. This delicate process is critical to forest ecosystems and facilitates the connections and interactions of diverse life forms.”

Haruka deeply feels the awareness that the process of breaking dormancy brings. “Nature cherishes life, no matter how small.Each living thing fulfills its assigned role and maintains the cycle of life.We humans too value the life of this great nature. For our part, we should always be thinking about what we can do to coexist with the Earth.”

For Haruka and her friends, the awakening from dormancy that they witnessed in the forest became a symbol of the sustainability and rebirth of life. They reaffirm the importance of respecting the rhythms of the natural world and protecting ecosystems. Then, at dusk that day, as they leave the forest, they vow to each other to keep the lessons they have learned from nature in mind and apply them to their daily lives.

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