Season 1 (1): Scenery of encounter

Tetsuya steps into a seaside town and is captivated by the clear sky and the white sandy beach. However, due to his father’s job, he was unable to swim in the sea, so his role was to wait at the “beach house”. For him, time was like a slow-moving river, as he didn’t bring a swimsuit with him.

Meanwhile, what caught his attention was an old arcade game machine sitting quietly in a corner of the store. This was a valuable opportunity for Tetsuya, who was unable to freely enjoy games under his strict parents. He sat down in front of the game console, ignoring his surroundings.

As he became immersed in the world of games, he found himself running out of coins. He hesitated as he headed towards the cash register, eager to play some more. Standing there was a girl with a short cut that suited her liveliness.

“You like games, don’t you?” At the girl’s innocent words, Tetsuya suppressed his shyness, but somewhere in his heart he was drawn to her brightness. Tetsuya returned to the game world while thanking her for her skillful exchange, but her smile left a small warmth in his heart.

The next day, he visited the beach house again, as if in search of something. However, the girl was nowhere to be found, and Tetsuya was left with a small feeling of disappointment in his heart. He was taking a walk on the beach and sorting out his feelings.

What he found was a small shrine nestled in a rocky area. The wind became stronger, the sky suddenly changed and dark clouds gathered, and suddenly a torrential downpour hit Tetsuya. He hurriedly ran to the shrine and decided to take shelter from the rain.

“The rain is amazing.” When Tetsuya turned around, he saw the girl from yesterday standing there. She, too, came to this shrine in search of shelter from the rain. Tetsuya’s heart leapt at the chance reunion.

The girl revealed her name to Tetsuya and started talking about how she was also from out of town and about her part-time job at the beach house. As the conversation progressed, the distance between the two of them naturally became smaller.

However, that peaceful time did not last long. Suddenly, lightning strikes a large tree next to the shrine, and Tetsuya and the girl lose consciousness with a loud sound.

When Tetsuya wakes up, his father is next to him, but the girl is nowhere to be found. As Tetsuya left his father and his beach house, he looked back at the sea and thought about the meaning of that encounter. In his heart, gratitude to the girl and hope for their reunion remained silent.

The events of that summer day are deeply etched in Tetsuya’s memory, adding a new chapter to his life. For Tetsuya, it was also the first step towards his growth.

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