Season 1 (1) Confidence in the clearing sky

On March 28th, as the breath of spring quietly filled Tokyo, second-year junior high school student Haruka was alone in her club room, looking down at yesterday’s weather map. The sunlight shining through her window warmly enveloped her, and the weather map on her desk showed the 9pm situation on March 27th.

She was looking back at her weather data from yesterday, quietly analyzing the subtle changes in nature and how they affected today’s weather. The high pressure system is indeed moving eastward at 25 knots, and its stubborn movement is no doubt responsible for the clear skies we had all day yesterday. The weather map was proof of that.

“Yesterday’s high-pressure system seemed like it was about to dominate the sky with its strength. Judging from this movement on the weather map, I’m sure it will continue to be sunny today,” Haruka said to herself. I was convinced within myself that spring had arrived.

The door to the club room opened and the members of the weather club entered one by one. As usual, Haruka started a discussion with them about yesterday’s weather. In front of them, Haruka shares her own analysis based on her weather map. She explained to them that today’s sunny weather was expected from yesterday’s movement of high pressure, and it certainly turned out that way.

“The high pressure on yesterday’s weather map indicates the possibility of sunny spells that will last all day today.In fact, what greeted us in the morning was the warm light of spring.This was not a prediction; “Analysis of the results based on weather maps. Our hunch has turned into a certainty, and the actual state of the sky proves it,” Haruka told the members.

Her explanation was based throughout on reading and analyzing weather maps, and was based on yesterday’s data rather than forecasts. She asked her members how to interpret the natural signs that can be read from the movement of high pressure systems, and how to understand coexistence with nature.

On this calm spring day, Haruka and her club members share new discoveries under the clear skies and together decipher the stories that yesterday’s weather maps tell today. Their exploration goes beyond mere meteorology and becomes an adventure in exploring how the rhythms of nature and human life are connected.

For them, the certainty of a sunny day was a gateway to a larger topic: understanding the natural signs of the changing seasons and how to incorporate them into our lives. By analyzing this day, Haruka takes the first step on a journey to deepen her dialogue with nature. It is a heartwarming new chapter for both her and the readers that begins with the arrival of spring.

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