Season 1 (1) A new journey

Spring. In the season when cherry blossoms are in full bloom, Sakura, a third-year high school student, is trying to choose a path for her future. Although her friends around her seemed confident in their path, she still hadn’t found a clear answer to Sakura. She was an ordinary high school girl who didn’t particularly stand out academically, but one thing was for sure: taking on new challenges always excited her.

One day, she happened to see a pamphlet in the corner of the school library, which lit a small fire in her heart. It was from the Digital Exploration Science Department, and the words “Contributing to society through the power of digital” resonated with her. This moment sparked her interest in digital technology, something she had never really considered before.

That night after returning home, Sakura confessed to her family that she was thinking of entering the Digital Exploration Science Department. Her father was an engineer and always taught her the importance of using the power of technology to improve the world. Her mother was a teacher at a local elementary school, and she taught her the importance of being kind to others and, above all, being true to one’s heart. That night, with the warm support and encouragement of her family, a new determination grew in Sakura’s heart.

However, as the deadline for her career choice approaches, Sakura becomes anxious. Can she do it? Is she really okay with this? Looking up at the moon in the night sky, she thought deeply. But as the long night ended and the morning sun streamed through the window, Sakura found her answer within her own heart. Even though she has anxiety, she has the courage to try new things. That was the path she should take.

On the day of her entrance ceremony, under the cherry blossoms blooming all over the campus, Sakura was excited to meet her new friends and anticipate her upcoming studies. Her conversations with students from diverse backgrounds opened her mind even more. Then, when her first class on introduction to electrical circuits began, Sakura felt an excitement and excitement that she had never felt before. This was the beginning of her new journey of exploration.

As the cherry blossom trees quietly watch over her, Sakura takes her first step into an unknown world. The challenges she will encounter, her adventures, her joys and her sufferings will help her grow and eventually lead her to her big dreams. “Sakura’s Inquiry” tells her story. This story depicts the process of a high school girl deciding on her own career path and developing the ability to contribute to herself and society through her studies at the School of Digital Inquiry and Science.

Sakura’s story is also a story of the courage to take a step toward an uncertain future, the joy of learning new knowledge, and the growth of overcoming the difficulties faced at times. Sakura starts with the introduction to electrical circuits learned in class, and in the process of coming into contact with DC circuits, AC circuits, and more advanced electrical engineering concepts, she transforms from a mere student to an engineer who can solve problems and contribute to society. It transforms into.

And Sakura’s journey is not hers alone. Her new friends, understanding professors, and sometimes competitors become essential to her growth. Each encounter and experience supports Sakura, expands her horizons, and illuminates the path to her future.

The story climaxes with Sakura applying her knowledge learned in her class to real life and working on a real project. For Sakura, a project that uses digital technology to solve community problems is not just an application of academic knowledge, but also leads to her belief that she can use her power to change the world for the better.

Trajectory to the Future: Oka Kenkyuki is a story about the joy of learning, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams. Readers will worry, learn, and grow with Sakura, and in the end, they will feel that her dream ofcontributing to society with the power of digital” is their own possibility.

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