Season 1 (0) Introduction Distant Inquiry – The endless intellectual adventure of Haruka, a girl who travels through the stars

In the spring of her second year of junior high school, a girl named Haruka is captivated by the mystery of the weather, and her world changes forever. From the old science books in the local library to the countless stars in the night sky, her curiosity never ends. As she ponders the sun and earth, the wind and ocean currents, and the infinite mysteries of the universe, Haruka begins her own journey.

This story depicts the process in which Haruka goes beyond her own boundaries and confronts her unexplored knowledge, reconsidering her own existence and her relationship with the world. Her adventure is not just an academic pursuit, but also a philosophical journey into the essence of the self and the world. Haruka uses her passion and pure curiosity to unravel complex puzzles woven together from a variety of fields, from astronomy to biology, history, and environmental science.

However, the journey of knowledge is never a smooth road. Haruka faces failure, setbacks, betrayal and loneliness. Even as she enjoys the joy of friendship and first love, the environment surrounding her is constantly changing, and at times presents severe challenges that test her beliefs. Still, she keeps moving forward. This is because, for Haruka, true learning is nothing other than internalizing knowledge from the outside world and making it a part of herself.

“Distant Inquiry” is the story of a young girl’s journey in search of the truth beyond the stars. But more than that, it is also a story that asks each reader to face their own inner world and ask themselves what they will discover, learn, and feel on the journey called life.

Would you like to sail the ocean of knowledge with Haruka, communicate with your inner universe, and go beyond your own limits? This story is not just fiction. It is an invitation to an adventure of your own heart and soul. “Distant Inquiry” invites everyone who reads it to a journey of new discoveries and transformation.

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