Season 1 (8) Golden week adventure

With the arrival of Golden Week, Tetsuya’s heart was excited with anticipation. His first long vacation in a new environment was a great opportunity for him to seek new discoveries and freedom. His father is still a busy worker and is often away from home, but Tetsuya decides to enjoy the quiet time to himself.

On the first day of his holiday, he casually went to the beach. Since his last visit, he wanted to once again feel the serenity of the rocky shores and the beauty of the sea that had remained in his heart. Sitting on a rocky shore under the bright spring sun, surrounded by the sound of the waves and the pleasant sea breeze, Tetsuya forgot about the passage of time.

However, that peaceful time suddenly came to an end. Tetsuya gets stuck in moss on the rocks and falls into the sea. As his consciousness faded away, he vaguely thought that he might once again be saved by the mysterious power of this town.

When he woke up, Tetsuya was inside the cafe. There was Miki looking worried, Master smiling gently, and Sayaka who had saved him. As Tetsuya listened to the details of the accident, he felt a deep sense of gratitude towards the three of them, and at the same time was moved anew by the warmth of this town and its residents.

Tetsuya learns from his master that Sayaka’s part-time job at her cafe is actually part of her personal quest. In order to explore the old legends and secrets of this town, she was gathering information through her work at the cafe. Tetsuya is intrigued by the story and decides to solve the mystery with Sayaka.

For the rest of Golden Week, Tetsuya goes on an adventure with Sayaka and Miki to explore the history and legends of the town. Their actions became increasingly bold, including researching libraries, listening to stories from the ancients, and exploring hidden places. Through this process, Tetsuya deepens his bonds with Sayaka and Miki, and comes to feel that their friendship is a precious treasure.

On the final day of their adventure, Tetsuya and his friends finally find an important clue. It reveals an old legend related to the town’s founding and the existence of the mysterious item Sayaka was looking for. This discovery takes their adventure to a new level and brings Tetsuya a sense of excitement and fulfillment unlike anything he has ever experienced in his life.

Even after Golden Week ended and life returned to normal, a new light remained in Tetsuya’s heart. The adventures and encounters he had during the holidays became an irreplaceable asset for him. He was able to rediscover his sense of adventure and curiosity that had been dormant within himself, and was able to deepen his attachment to this town and its people.

Every time Tetsuya visits the cafe, he gains new knowledge from his conversations with the Master, and develops friendships through his time with Sayaka and Miki. They became more than just friends to Tetsuya, they were like his new family. Master’s gentle smile, Sayaka’s dependability, and Miki’s innocent energy added color to Tetsuya’s days.

Even though school resumed, Tetsuya never forgot the bonds and experiences he forged during Golden Week. He knew how to find small adventures even in everyday life and enjoy every day. Sayaka and Miki shared secrets and memories of adventures that made their friendship even stronger.

Tetsuya learned through this golden week that his life is full of unexpected adventures and his discoveries. He began to see the world around him with new eyes, finding meaning in even the smallest things. Also, when he faced difficulties and challenges, he felt comforted knowing that his loved ones, such as Sayaka, Miki, and Master, were by his side.


Episode 8 depicts Tetsuya deepening his dialogue with himself and developing bonds with his new friends. The short holiday called Golden Week had a long and profound impact on his life. Through this experience, Tetsuya was able to continue to have the courage and hope to continue on his own path. His story continues and a new chapter is ready to begin. His exploration of the unknown and his journey of self-discovery will continue to help him grow and enrich his life.

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