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Ownership of our website has been transferred to a new organization.

Until now, this website has been renovated many times, changed policies, and even changed owners. Each time, we announced it for a certain period of time and renewed it. As has been the case in the past, a new organizational structure has been established, resulting in a transfer of ownership. In order to clarify this ownership and clarify the roles of each person, we have set up a certain amount of a notice period to disseminate information as before, and we have decided to completely renew the site with a new organization. This new initiative will be made possible with the help and support of various people. We are co-creating and collaborating with many experts to find a new direction for society. Thank you very much everyone for your support. The new site will be even more fun than it is now. Thank you for your patience and look forward to a new website.

# A new website domain may be changed by a new organization. In this case, this domain will be no relation of a new organization because someone will get this domain and use.

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