My blog portfolio was started today.

Hi! I am Toru IWAO. My handle is “Rocktail” which means “IWAO” in Japanese.

I belong to the ISCA, tanQKen, Good Answer, HiCEL, Rocktail Center. My occupation is Representative Director, CEO, Science Supervisor (TV, Drama, Movie, CM), Fund Founder, Owner.

The new is operated by Rocktail Center for Inquiry Science of Education and Research Limited Liability Company founded by Toru IWAO.

The ISCA, General Incooporated Association Inquiry Science Certificate Association, was established by Toru IWAO and Rocktail Center for Inquiry Science of Education and Research Limited Liability Company.

By the way, the previous which is High Current and Energy Laboratory @ Tokyo City University website will be merged with Digital Social Innovation Laboratory because new research should be started for our future Well-being Scociety. Thus, the previous website was closed. The new website of Digital Social Innovation Laboratory will be launced by next Spring.

My philosophy is that “Become a person who stands in front of people rather than standing above them”.

By making full use of the power of human-friendly digital technology, we will develop human resources who support a well-being society and innovators for social change, as well as provide learning that will help “individuals become well-being and society becomes healthy.”

If individuals are Well-being, society will be healthy.

Based on below 4F, I Keep Moving Forward for Future of Well-being.
・For your Spirt of Inquiry and Curiosity
・For your Unknown Another Sky
・For Well-being of your Life and our Society
・For young students who are intersted in Inquiry Science

In addition, I decided to establish the scholarship fund of Inquiry Science for young students with passion because we want them to become human resources who support our intensive society, and we want them to carry on the intentions of our scholarship fund and continue their social contribution activities. (Scheduled to be established in September 2026)

Thank you for supporting me and my related organization for the social contribution and activity.




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