It’s not that life is difficult. You are making life difficult. Life is extremely simple.

It’s not that life is difficult. You are making life difficult. Life is extremely simple.


This quote points out the essential simplicity of life and our tendency to complicate it with our thoughts and actions. The idea is that what makes life difficult does not lie in external circumstances or events, but in our reactions and interpretations of them. If you consider the following points, you can get tips on how to live your life more simply from this perspective.

Changing perceptions: The problems and challenges we face are often shaped by our perceptions and interpretations. By looking at difficult situations objectively, you may find simpler, more practical solutions to overcome them.

Mindfulness: Focusing on the present and moving away from past regrets and future worries can help you find life simpler. Mindfulness helps you reduce complexity and gain a deeper understanding of the present moment.

Adjust your expectations: Keeping your expectations of yourself and others realistic can help reduce disappointment, frustration, and simplify your life. Having a realistic and flexible attitude towards yourself and others will reduce stress and allow for a more peaceful life.

Clarifying your values: Understanding what you truly value and acting on it will give you a clearer direction in life and make decisions easier. Living a life aligned with your values ​​brings satisfaction and happiness.

Simple Life: You can reduce complexity in your life by choosing to live a life that focuses on simple, essential pleasures without valuing material possessions or social status. A simple life increases inner peace and contentment.

This way of thinking provides the foundation for reducing stress and anxiety and leading a more meaningful and satisfying life. However, since each person’s situation and challenges are different, flexibility in adapting these principles to individual situations is also important.

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