Greeting, Scholarship Fund of Inquiry Science

From a young age, some of you may have had an inquisitive mind, curiosity, desire to improve, a spirit of challenge, and a desire to approach everything with enthusiasm. However, we think there are many people who have not been able to live the life they had envisioned. Since we were young, I didn’t know what to do or what our dreams were, and because we didn’t have the ability, we felt helpless and couldn’t express our thoughts to others, leading to self-loathing, and trying to solve other people’s problems. We prioritize things and limit my activities, and we get desperate because of the anxiety of not knowing what my future will look like. We’re so anxious when we’re young and happy and at my most productive that we find it difficult to take the first step. Many people may have regrets about not being able to move on. We also believe that there are some people who have not been able to live a life of well-being, a calm, exciting and happy life.

As we got older and thought about how many years we had left in our life, we became interested in scientific research based on my own experience of setbacks, and we developed an inquisitive spirit, curiosity, desire to improve, a spirit of challenge, and a spirit of challenge in everything we do. We think there are many people who would like to support young budding talents who are passionate about their work.

For this reason, we want young people to walk confidently and confidently into the lives they envision, and to be leaders in social change, people who will pioneer a game-changing era, people who will carve out a well-being society, people who can bring about digital social innovation, and knowledge. We decided to establish this scholarship fund because we want them to become human resources who support our intensive society, and we want them to carry on the intentions of our scholarship fund and continue their social contribution activities. (Scheduled to be established in September 2026)

“Become a person who stands in front of people rather than standing above them.”

We hope that through the scholarships provided by this scholarship fund, all people in our society will be Well-being and that society will be healthy.

Thank you very much for supporting our activity.

Inquiry Science Certification Association
Inquiry Science Scholarship Fund Establishment Preparation Committee




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