Greeting from ISCA

Greeting from ISCA

Greeting from ISCA

Welcome to the homepage of the Inquiry Science Certification Association, a general incorporated association!

The Inquiry Science Certification Association uses the power of human-friendly digital technology to contribute to the realization of a well-being society based on the slogan, “When individuals are happy, society becomes energetic.” In addition, based on the philosophy of “Being a person who stands in front of others rather than standing above them,” we aim to create a society where everyone can live a life that is fair, just, free, peaceful, enjoyable, and fulfilling without discrimination. We are working to nurture the buds of young talent so that they can have a happy life every day.

Our mission is

Aiming to build a well-being society, we provide learning that makes individuals happy and society energized.

And our philosophy is

Make individuals happy! Revitalize society!
If individuals are Well-being, society will be healthy.

Based on below 4F, ISCA Keeps Moving Forward for Future of Well-being.
・For your Spirit of Inquiry and Curiosity
・For your Unknown Another Sky
・For Well-being of your Life and our Society
・For young students who are intersted in Inquiry Science

We will focus on implementing inquiry science tests, certifying test results, issuing certificates, coaching, counseling, and mentoring services for future research activities, education, human resource development, vocational aptitude, and ability development. We will continue to.

Furthermore, from the perspective of equity, justice, and freedom, we want all people to be able to learn and live their lives in a fair, just, and free manner. All people must be fair, just, and free, and providing learning to people regardless of their circumstances is an important way for us to contribute to society.

Taking this opportunity to learn, all people, no matter what their background, have the right to learn freely, fairly, fairly, and without discrimination, and have the right to enjoy life and be happy. . Young people have potential. I hope that you will have enthusiasm and passion and actively take on challenges and learn.

The future possibilities are endless. We would like to thank you for your continued support. Are you okay. No problem at all. The future, present, and past can all be changed. Calm down, be at ease, be generous, enjoy the present, enjoy life, and live a happy life.

We established our company with this in mind.

Thank you for your continued support.

Toru Iwao
Inquiry Science Certification Association
Representative Director




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