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Representative Director, CEO, Science Supervisor, Fund Founder, Owner

・Science Supervisor (TV, Drama, Movie, CM)
・Fund Founder
・Owner of ISCA and Rocktail Center for Inquiry Science of Education and Research Limited Liability Company

Toru Iwao – Professor, Plasma Scientist, Science editorial supervisor of TV & movie, Photographer. Toru Iwao was born in February 15, 1974. In 2000, he completed a doctorate in Engineering at Chuo University. In 2001–2004, he was a member of JSPS research. In 2001 and 2002, he worked as a visiting researcher at Texas Tech University and at the University of Minnesota, respectively. In 2004, he was employed as a lecturer at the Musashi Institute of Technology and in 2009 as an associate professor at Tokyo City University. Since 2017, he has been employed as a professor. He was Dean of Faculty of Science and Engineering at Tokyo City University in 2022-2023. He is CEO at Rocktail Center for Inquiry Science of Education and Science Limited Liability Company. In addition, he is Representative Director of General Incorporated Association Inquiry Science Certificate Association. He has been a vice president of the IEE Japan PE Society. He holds the membership of IEEE, IEEDJ, JWS, and CIGRE. His current research interests are Digital Social Inovation, Urbun Energy & Ecology Digital Transformation, Well-being Inquiry Science, Power Commerce, High Current and Energy, Thermal Plasma, Arc Discharge, Lightning, Arc Welding, Circuit Breaker, Fault Current Limiter, Power System, Plasma Treatment for Hazardous Wastes. His research method are the measurement of current and voltage, Spectrum, image processing, electromagnetic thermal fluid simulation (Fortran and C language), LabVIEW, MATLAB/Simulink and Python.

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