DX x Omotenashi for our Well-being Future


HiCEL have visited many cities around the world. Based on our experience, we would like to talk about the “DX x Omotenashi” concept for our well-being in the future. Tokyu hotels and Okura Nikko Hotels are some of the best hotels and restaurants offering exceptional Omotenashi hospitality and DX. Specifically, Izu-Imaihama Tokyu Hotel and Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba offer exceptional hospitality. Check them out!

TOP | Izu-Imaihama Tokyu Hotel
Restaurant, and bar at the Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba in Daiba
Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba is located on the artificial island of daiba in Tokyo Bay, a scenic waterfront area and one of Tokyo’s most popular tourist destinations...

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