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森下先輩(博士1年)が執筆された論文「溶融ブリッジの溶融蒸発とアークの発弧が及ぼすトロリ線の溶融量算出手法の開発」が、電気学会 産業応用部門誌に掲載されました!


森下 穂香, 真栄田 義史, 任 振威, 根本 雄介, 早坂 高雅, 岩尾 徹

キーワード: 3次元電磁熱流体シミュレーション, 離線アーク, トロリ線, 溶融量

2022 年 142 巻 5 号 p. 410-417



As the mileage of the electric railway increases, the unevenness of the contact wire may separate the contact wire and the contact strip. Simultaneously, a disconnection arc discharge is generated by the molten metal bridge. This causes the contact wire to melt and evaporate causing it to break. A few studies have conducted experiments to prevent the contact wire from disconnecting. Based on the results thus obtained, they presented their hypotheses considering conditions such as the current and time required for melting and evaporation of molten metal bridge and arc generation. In this study, a calculation method for the melting amount mass of contact wire caused by melting and evaporation of molten metal bridge and arc generation is developed in order to elucidate the melting and disconnection phenomenon of the contact wire. Its mass increased when the currents from both sides of the contact wire were taken into consideration. Therefore, we obtained that the convection and radiation play an important role for calculation of the melting amount mass of contact wire.