Akafuku Mochi: A Japanese spirit that continues to be loved over time

A heartwarming traditional bite

Akafuku mochi is a beautiful reddish red bean paste that gently envelops a fluffy rice cake. This bite encapsulates the spirit and craftsmanship of the Japanese people, which has been passed down for over 300 years. Akafuku mochi is not just a sweet treat. It has been a fond memory of the people who visit Ise Shrine, both as a good old memory of visiting Ise Shrine and as the beginning of a new journey.

From the founding to the present day

Akafukumochi began during the Hoei era. At this time, when the number of worshipers at Ise Shrine began to increase, a teahouse was born. This was the predecessor of Akafuku, which continues to exist today. In order to soothe the hearts of the worshipers, the founder devised a simple yet innovative confectionery by adding mildly sweet red bean paste to rice cakes. Its taste remains loved throughout the ages.

Harmony with tea culture

The most traditional way to enjoy Akafukumochi is by pairing it with tea. The exquisite balance between bitter matcha and sweet Akafukumochi has played an important role in tea ceremonies. After drinking some matcha, I took a bite of Akafuku mochi. This trend will be a new discovery for foreigners visiting Japan.

Voices of visitors

“When I tasted Akafuku Mochi for the first time, I was surprised by its gentle sweetness and chewy texture.This is the traditional taste.”This is how travelers describe their impressions of Akafuku Mochi. . For them, Akafuku Mochi is a moment to deeply experience Japanese tradition.

Accessibility information

Akafuku Mochi can be purchased not only at stores in Ise City, but also at online shops. The packaging embodies the Japanese spirit, and its beauty is appreciated by people all over the world. It is also safe for foreign travelers.


Akafuku Mochi is not only delicious, but also provides visitors with a wonderful opportunity to experience Japanese history and culture. This Japanese sweet, Akafuku Mochi, is not only delicious, but also provides visitors with a wonderful opportunity to experience Japanese history and culture. Through these Japanese sweets, the noble spirit of Ise Jingu continues to live on. Deeply rooted in tradition and undergoing continuous innovation, Akafuku Mochi is a Japanese treasure that will be passed down to the next generation. We hope you will experience this taste for yourself, which is loved by people from all over the world. When you visit Ise, experience the charm of these timeless Japanese sweets and have a fulfilling time.

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