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A Sip of Costa Rica’s Pura Vida in the Heart of Kawasaki

Imagine a place where the warm embrace of Costa Rican coffee culture meets the refined taste of Japanese appreciation for quality. Nestled in the lively streets of Kawasaki, you’ll find “Mame Connect,” a coffee haven that promises more than just a daily caffeine fix—it offers a journey.

Capturing the Essence of Costa Rica

“Mame Connect” is not just a name; it’s a story of passion and connection. The founder, Masayuki Takahashi, carries within him the vivid memories of Costa Rica’s lush landscapes and the richness of its coffee. It was during his time abroad in high school that Costa Rica became his second home. Later, after backpacking through Central and South America and settling once again in Costa Rica, Takahashi-san vowed to bring a piece of this paradise back to Japan.

In 2018, this dream materialized. “Mame Connect” began direct importation of coffee beans from Costa Rican farms, ensuring that every sip offered in their shop held the true spirit of Costa Rican coffee.

A Taste of Environmental Consciousness

Costa Rica, with over a quarter of its territory protected as national parks and nature reserves, infuses sustainability into its coffee production. By only allowing the cultivation of Arabica beans and providing social security for small and medium-sized farms, the country ensures a future both for its environment and its people.

“Mame Connect” honors this tradition by sourcing from farms like Meca and Monte Rosa, where coffee cherries ripen in the crisp highland air, producing beans noted for their concentrated flavor and high-quality acidity.

Coffee That Speaks to the Senses

The coffee menu at “Mame Connect” is a testament to diversity and quality. From the dark roast with its nutty aroma and mild sweetness to the Geisha’s floral bouquet and fruity tang, each variety speaks to the senses.

The white honey process, exclusive to the Taras region, offers a clean and refreshing citrus flavor, a stark contrast to the rich and bitter tones of the Brazilian organic. And for those seeking a local blend, the Kosugi mix is a classic combination of Guatemala, Brazil, and Colombia—a harmony of fragrant aroma and satisfying bitterness.

More Than Just Coffee

But “Mame Connect” isn’t just about the beans—it’s about the experience. They offer a bespoke service, from helping you pick beans that suit your palate to home-roasting sessions that let you witness the transformation of raw beans into your personal blend of joy.

Upon stepping into “Mame Connect,” you’re invited to select your preferred beans. Whether you take them home as they are or have them ground to your liking, the choice is yours. The in-house roasting process may take some time, but it’s an integral part of the experience, with the staff providing a cup of their signature coffee as you wait—a token of their exemplary hospitality. If you visit as a pair, the first cup is complimentary with a bean purchase, and additional orders are warmly accommodated, including a selection of delightful sweets.

During my visit, I was drawn to the “Mandheling Tobacco” from the Sumatra Lintong region. Its well-rounded profile, devoid of acidity and characterized by a distinctive earthy aroma, provided a serene respite from the bustling city life.

Visit and Connect

Located just a five-minute walk from Musashikosugi and Shinmaruko stations, “Mame Connect” is a sanctuary for coffee enthusiasts and novices alike. They invite you to not only taste but explore the depth and variety that their carefully curated Costa Rican beans have to offer.

Address: Escalier 1F, 2-294-6 Kosugicho, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Business Hours: 11:00 – 19:30 (Closed: Mondays and Thursdays)

As you step out, coffee in hand, beneath the concrete eaves and modernist sign of “Mame Connect,” you carry with you a piece of Costa Rica—a reminder that even in the bustling city, there’s always room for “pura vida,” the simple life.

Feel the warmth of the Costa Rican sun and the vibrancy of its coffee culture right here at “Mame Connect,” where every cup is a connection to a distant land’s pure life.

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